Partnership with an NGO in the Amazon

In the Amazon, we work in partnership with Instituo Amor, a non-profit, self-sustaining, free and independent non- governmental organization, formed by a group of volunteer friends who actively seek to improve health, education and work opportunities in remote and isolated communities in Amazonia (Brazil), who suffer from extreme social vulnerability.

By organizing regular boat expeditions across the Negro River, they offer free medical and dental care to indigenous and riverside populations in remote and isolated communities, preventive actions and complex procedures, in addition to donating allopathic and herbal medicines of indigenous ancestral origin, produced by entity itself.

The Solidarity Expeditions will give you a beautiful opportunity to experience the profound magic of the true Amazon and share a wonderful exchange of knowledge. All financial resources from the expeditions are fully invested by the Amor Institute to support the peoples of the forest:

- In educational projects, offering dozens of open and free courses such as adult literacy, interpretation of indigenous language and signs of nature, production of organic foods, screen printing techniques, musicality and others.

- In health projects, offering in addition to assistance with the ambulance boat to remote communities, full support for patients with more serious illnesses for accommodation, transportation, food, equipment and complementary exams in hospitals in cities such as Manaus (AM) and São Paulo (SP).

- In work and income generation projects, supporting the opening of businesses by providing initial and working capital, managerial support and supply of raw materials, creating conditions for the development of human dignity, social inclusion and full autonomy.

In addition, the actions solve the communication challenges of extremely isolated communities, through the donation and installation of radio stations. Usually, this is the only channel of communication between these communities and the rest of the world.

The organization also develops, produces and distributes solar lighting kits for families, rural schools and health centers in places without electricity.

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