Join us on an expedition to the Amazon Rainforest

Join us on an expedition to the Amazon Rainforest. We are planning a new expedition to do more research and investigate opportunities in the region. The Amazon rainforest is the largest tropical forest in the world. It's home to a diverse range of wildlife and being there is a great chance to explore one of Earth's most diverse ecosystems whilst also getting to know some of the amazing people who lives there.

The best thing about visiting these places is to experience life like the locals and to learn from the locals how to best preserve the environment. We're excited to share our work with you and there we will be possibilities to join us on one of our expeditions in the future.
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The general objective of our next expedition is to see some of the main Amazonian natural and cultural environments along the Rio Solimões and Negro basins. Over night in boutique hotels, junglecamp, research base, regional boat, jungle lodge and floatinglodge.

The agenda:

  • Having an authentic and diverse experience, accessing the diversity and richness of Amazonian ecosystems and cultures through the perspectives of science and traditional knowledge
  • Exploring the nature, cultures and conservation issues in the Amazon
  • Looking at the opportunities and limits for the development of community-based tourism in the region
  • Practicing and improving the nature photography skills of the group
  • Creating a video about the area and the process of our work that will be published on our website and Youtube channel
  • Having a lot of fun :-)

Highlights of the expedition

Cuieiras Research Reserve

  • ZF2 ObservationTower
  • Research base:Forest Museum Project
  • Campina ecosystem
  • Iguapó forest
  • Riverine communities of Rio Cuieiras

Mamirauá Sustainable Development Reserve

  • Pioneer reserve in the concept of combining conservation and income generation initiatives for traditional populations
  • Endemic species: White Uakari Monekey
  • Floating lodge managed by riverine communities
  • Large populations of water birds, arapaima and black caiman during the dry season
  • Tapiira community conservation initiative: turtles and birds nesting area
  • Arapaima traditional fishing

Presidente Figueiredo

  • Caves and water falls
  • Birdwatching

Amazon Central Corridor

  • Largest tropical forest protoected cooridor on the planet
  • Private flight over Rio Negro State Park, Anavilhanas National park, Jau National Park, Amanã Sustainable Development Reserve and Mamirauá Sustainable Development Reserve

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